One student's junk is...

The College Junk Trunk foupi at JUNKTRUNK.COM
Mon Aug 18 02:52:52 EST 1997

At The College Junk Trunk, we help you buy, sell, or 
trade used stuff with other college students in your
area, or nationwide! This is all done by posting a 
FREE ad. Once your item is posted, other students can 
contact you directly through e-mail or by phone.
Think about it - What do you do with that $90 calculator 
when you're done with your math classes? How about 
selling it to a Freshman that will need it? 

Or what about those $60 textbooks that the bookstore 
will only give you $20 for? Try selling it directly to 
someone taking the class next semester! It's a win-win 

    One student's junk is another student's treasure! 
Please visit our web site at:

moupi at ju

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