Call for moderation/filtering on bionet newsgroups

votre_nom CodeAbonne at
Tue Aug 19 14:29:13 EST 1997

Dr. Stephen G. Hall <hallsg at> a écrit dans l'article
<hallsg-1508972212350001 at>...
> It is extremely unfortunate that the bionet newsgroups have become
> swamped with junk posts.  These groups used to provide am invaluable
> service to the public; however, they have become something many in
> the scientific community stay away from now due to the continuous 
> spam that is posted.
> While scientists are probably the smartest, yet most underpaid lot
> in the universe, I don't think the bionet group as a whole really gives 
> any of the ez money posts a second thought with regard to making a
> career change. 
> Here's hoping for a little moderation. Anyone agree?


Hello everyone,

I must say that I agree completely. Moderation is required if we wish to
keep this forum a valuable place to exchange information and have
meaningfull discussions.

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