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Tue Aug 19 08:43:54 EST 1997

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SEND YOUR E-MAIL OUT, AT up to 250,000 + MESSAGES / HOUR (28.8K modem) 

Yes, 250,000 + Messages an Hour (28.8k modem)

You will be happy to know that regardless of which bulk e-mail software
program you own, you will be able to incorporate this technology with it, as
long as you can export your list of recipients to a text file ( 1 address per
line ). The program requires Windows 95 or NT and will not work with Windows

Bulk Emailer's Dream Come True!!! - Stealth - Mass Mailer  V2.0 (NEW)


* Can personalize message with " Dear Recipients address, " which can increase positive
responses and reduce flames.

* Can randomize the FROM Field - Username and or Domain during mailings. ( Breaks Anti-Bulk
Email Filters )

* When sending to AOL members, program can remove the complete header section from
obvious view, by using special built-in email coding.

* If an error occurs during a mailing ( time out, etc ) program will automatcally write any addresses
that were not mailed to a file called unsent.txt 

* Can Automatically purge any address over 30 characters in length during a mailing for increased

* Special built in remove filter - User can add .edu, .gov, .org, postmaster, etc... or complete
addresses and program will automatically purge all entries from mailing list.

* Send multiple Simultaneously Mailings.( Each one can have a differant letter, mailing list, etc.. )

* View complete details about your mailings. Shows each mailing in progress, each server your
connected to, the status of that connection, how many message are going out through that
connection, etc...

* Make make multiple connections to a single server or multiple servers, any combination of the
two ( All Simultaneously ).

* After your message is sent out by the selected mail server, you can then have it relayed through
another mail servers or through multiple mail servers, in any server order you choose. 

*  Forge the Header - Message ID.

* Add a Bogus Authenticated Sender to the Header.

* Add a complete bogus Received From / Received By line with real time / date stamp and
recipient to the Header.

* Does NOT require a valid POP Account be entered in order to send your mailings.

* Get comparable through put of a T1 line, using a 128k ISDN line ( save thousands per month )

* All this, at speeds of up to 250,000 messages / hour ( 28.8k modem ).

**  We also have a Bulk ISP that allows you to send your Email!!!

For Complete Details And Order Form, Email:  <a href="autoreply2 at">Our Web Info</a>
Once you visit our web site, click on the Direct Email Box.
M&A Advertising Rates - Special - For a limited time only.

NOTE:  We are in the process of AT LEAST doubling our list…
We plan on having 400-500K names Shortly...

5 Lines to 200,000 People 4 times, Only $30.00 Reg.
Special Price---> $25.00

40 Line Full Page ad, (by itself) to 200,000 once, Only $89.00 Reg.
Special Price---> $75.00

Make all payments to:  M&A Computer Services

BY MAIL:  808 S. Clayton Rd, Ste. 19, New Lebanon, OH  45345

BY FAX:  (937) 687-1328  (Please send on fine to ensure readability)

BY PHONE: Give us Your Phone Number and
We will call you for payment information.

BY EMAIL: <a href="mailto:macs at">macs at</a>

INFO WE NEED (If Paying By Fax, Email or Phone):  

1) Your Name (Company Name) - as it appears on your check.
2) Complete Address and Phone Number.
3) Check Number.
4) Federal Reserve Number (Fraction, in the upper right hand corner).
5) Your Bank Name and Address (On the Check)
6) Transit Number (Always 9 Numbers).
7) Account Number.

NOTE:  If you pay by Fax, Email or Phone, DO NOT mail a check.
We will draft one up from the information you provide us. Keep 
yours for your records.

M & A Computer Services, or any subsidiary thereof, accept no 
responsibility whatsoever for the content or legality of any 
advertisement that appears in any mailing.  It is the advertisers  
responsibility to check with Local, State, and Federal laws pertaining  
to the product or service they advertise. 

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