Activities of Enzymes

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William Tivol wrote:

> Tham Seng Choe (sengchoe at wrote:
> : So, how is the increase in the rate of the forward reaction balanced
> to
> : maintain the equilibrium?
>         The forward rate is determined by the free energy difference
> between
> the initial state and the highest intermediate state, that of the
> backward
> reaction is likewise determined by delta-G between the final state and
> the
> highest intermediate state.  These rates have the same ratio--the
> equilib-
> rium constant--regardless of the energy of the highest intermediate.

Of course, in a *real* living system the relative progress is also
regulated by the competing reactions of the initial and final state
products, and their catalysts, etc. But open system, steady state
thermodynamics is a tad more difficult to model. As my old research
advisor used to put it, if a biological system reaches equilibrium, it
is dead!

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