Can you resist this offer?

Fri Aug 22 03:50:31 EST 1997

Can You Resist This Offer?

I'm a book author.

I just recently wrote a good book on how to dramatically increase  

advertising results in any business.

My three colleagues bet with me that I could not sell 20,000 copies in

three months.

I bet that I could.

If I win, they chip in and send me to Hawaii for a vacation.

If I lose, I send all three of them to Hawaii.

I am going to bribe you silly, to help me win my bet.  I will make you one 

heck of an offer -- the kind of really good offers you hear about once every 

20 years, but that never seems to happen to you. 

Well, here it is:

For $39.95, I will give you the Rights to REPRODUCE my book and resell 

it for your entire lifetime.  The book is of such quality that you can re-sell it 

for $22.95 per copy. It will cost you $6.00 to make a copy, even in 

quantities on one or two copies at a time.  You will never have to pay me any 


I will give you a checklist of nine ways to sell it, some of them require no 

work from your part.

I will give you seven valuable marketing books on a computer disk, which 

I normally sell for well over $100.

I will give you the cover for them so you can turn them into real looking books, if 

you choose to print them.

I will give you a package of 25 business reports on a computer disk, and I 

will give you the permission to sell to others the rights to reprint and sell 

the reports.  You can sell this right easily for $79.95

I will give you an another package of business 82 reports with the same 


And finally, I will give you another even bigger package of 196 business 

reports on a disk, with the same rights as the other two packages.

I will give you all the ads necessary to sell these reports, and the address 

of my printer, if it is more convenient and cheaper than  to use the services of 

the quick print shop in your city.

And  I will give your money-back if you are not absolutely happy.

For more information, reply to cmi at and put the word 

" book "  in the subject box.

To order, Send a check payable to "Maximum Profits" in the amount of 

$39.95 plus $4.00 for shipping and handling, for a total of $43.95 and send 

to: Innovative Ways Publishing  at 240 Portage Road, Suite #670, 

Lewiston, NY  14092.

To pay by Visa, MasterCard, Amex or Discover, mail credit card 

information to the address above, or FAX your request to: (416) 928-1470.

Include your name, address and phone number with your order.

You call also order by phone at (416)-928-0165

You can see what the book is all about if you visit my web site at 

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