publishing scientific images

W.-O. Fitin only at
Fri Aug 22 10:14:42 EST 1997

If you publish images or formulas containing important or delicious
informations there is one big problem: If you put them simply on the web or
CD you loose the (copy) control over your images. What about showing
important parts of an image only to special people and the rest to
Visual Encryption is an easy to use Java application to encrypt parts of
GIF- images. To encrypt (hide) only parts of images is like clothing naked
information. With Visual Encryption you load the GIF-image and simply drag
rectangles over the regions that you want to hide. One klick and the
original image in the html-page is replaced with the Only_You applet
loading the encrypted image. Only_You decrypts and displays the GIF image
after entering a password in a Java enabled browser. Nobody can copy and
paste it, only special people can see the whole image.

For evaluation you can download Visual Encryption (JARS Top 5% Web Applet)

Have fun!

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