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Tue Aug 26 15:08:11 EST 1997

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FREE MLM Training Tape - It's about how a 10 year old kid could
build a large massive downline from their kitchen table and retire 
at the age of 12 with a lifetime income. 

What people are saying about this training tape:
The mail-order "system" is what I was looking for.  I don't like to go 
to meetings or meet people face-to-face.  Plus, I've got five little kids 
at the house which is a full-time job all by itself.  You've put together 
the perfect system for my personality and hard-ship. M.P., Stamford, CT

Fantastic, finally a turn-key operation even someone as shy and 
hard-headed as I am can understand and use.  All these "Made For 
Dummies" books are real popular these days.  The "system" is the 
"MLM-By-Mail For Dummies" Program. - A.M. Laguna Beach,CA

I used to fly all over the country giving meetings and doing trainings 
for my downlines, and I was constantly exhausted.  Now, with the 
mail-order "system" I sit at my desk in my home, in my pajamas, 
and the puppies on my lap.  All I have to do is make a trip 2-to-3 
times a week to send out the mail. - L.W., Lake Forest, CA

My friends and relatives won't talk to me anymore because the last 
three MLM companies I was with went out of business.  What a 
relief it was to find a system that works. - T. N., Newport, NC

In my former careers I traveled all over the world and I was a 
high-powered professional sales executive;  but those techniques 
don't work in MLM.  Although many MLM companies teach these 
methods, they don't work for 99% of the part-time average everyday 
guy or gal who joins an MLM opportunity.  Finally, a mail-order 
"system" without the hype, no closing techniques to learn or use, 
no power-suits or dress-for-success gimmicks, no endless rah-rah 
meetings.  A "system" that let's me BE ME, and helps me become 
FREE.  Thanks so much.  -  D. T., Planet Earth

If you would like to receive a copy of the training tape, you need Email
your name, address, and phone number to DCMarketing at  
Orders will be sent out the next business day.  Why not find out what 
you are missing in your MLM career.  ORDER RIGHT NOW!!!!!
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M&A Advertising Rates - Special - For a limited time only.

NOTE:  We are in the process of AT LEAST doubling our list…
We plan on having 400-500K names Shortly...

5 Lines to 200,000 People 4 times, Only $30.00 Reg.
Special Price---> $25.00

40 Line Full Page ad, (by itself) to 200,000 once, Only $89.00 Reg.
Special Price---> $75.00

Make all payments to:  M&A Computer Services

BY MAIL:  808 S. Clayton Rd, Ste. 19, New Lebanon, OH  45345

BY FAX:  (937) 687-1328  (Please send on fine to ensure readability)

BY PHONE: Give us Your Phone Number and
We will call you for payment information.

BY EMAIL: <a href="mailto:macs at">macs at</a>

INFO WE NEED (If Paying By Fax, Email or Phone):  

1) Your Name (Company Name) - as it appears on your check.
2) Complete Address and Phone Number.
3) Check Number.
4) Federal Reserve Number (Fraction, in the upper right hand corner).
5) Your Bank Name and Address (On the Check)
6) Transit Number (Always 9 Numbers).
7) Account Number.

NOTE:  If you pay by Fax, Email or Phone, DO NOT mail a check.
We will draft one up from the information you provide us. Keep 
yours for your records.

M & A Computer Services, or any subsidiary thereof, accept no 
responsibility whatsoever for the content or legality of any 
advertisement that appears in any mailing.  It is the advertisers  
responsibility to check with Local, State, and Federal laws pertaining  
to the product or service they advertise. 

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