bananas (Musa) in America

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Tue Aug 26 11:26:43 EST 1997

Bernard Ortiz de Montellano (bortiz at wrote:

: Yuri,
: You have to pay attention to time. One cannot glide effortlessly across
: millions of years. Sternberg's post speaks to the presence of, please
: notice, *Ensete* not *Musa* in the same family but not the same genera in
: Oregon 43 MILLION years ago. This says nothing about the presence of Musa
: acuminata triploids in the last 10,000 years in South America. Sternberg
: (private communication) pointed out that this would require other kinds of
: evidence.

Thanks, Bernard, for putting a different spin on this info. So now it
looks like the transpacific contacts in ancient times _will_, after all,
explain much better the abundant indications from various sources that
Musa was present in America before Columbus... 


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