Halting crossposting of messages

John MacFarlane jmacfarl at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Wed Aug 27 03:56:02 EST 1997

On 26 Aug 1997, BIOSCI Administrator wrote:

> In developing our spam filtering software, we have come to realize
> that continuing to allow crossposting of messages to newsgroups
> outside of bionet considerably complicates our task.  In the interest
> of expediting the implementing of spam filtering, therefore, we will
> stop allowing crossposting (at least temporarily).  

Why is this necessary? None of the other hierarchies seem to use this
software so why should bionet? It has been said that other NGs have
similar spam problems but the sci. groups that I subscribe to have very
little rubbish in them . What is sci. doing that bionet cannot? 

I don't see why we have to give something up (cross-posting) in order to
deal with the problem of spam...that's letting the spammers win. 

The only suggestion that I can come up with is anti-spam moderation. The
only thing is that while in common sense terms this would be easy to do,
coming up with sure and fast rules for this type of moderation would take
a bit of effort. I'd trust myself to do it.....but would I trust someone

John MacFarlane
UK Editor, Science's Next Wave

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