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Tue Aug 26 23:43:45 EST 1997

Created by the Gods of Online Marketing!!!

Dear Friend,
You now have the opportunity to get involved with the most powerful marketing
and lead generation system of its kind in the world.

  This program is a online networker's dream.



  It's not! And the best part is... the money is sent directly to your
  mailbox in the form of $10 money orders each time your downline
  renews their web page subscription every quarter, not too mention
  that each and every time a new person that you introduce to the
  program signs up, (and anyone they sign up 5 levels deep) you also
  receive a $10 money order in the mail!


  Like clockwork! I have never seen anything so incredible in all my
  years online. The program founders have REALLY done their homework on
  this one! They have created a system using state-of-the-art software
  that turns your web browser into your personal online business in a
  box. Once you have signed on with the program, you are assigned an
  access code which allows you to gain access to pertinent business
  information on your new web site.

  Such as...

  * REAL TIME Online/Downline Tracker
  (Shows you exactly who signed up from your web page)

  * REAL TIME Sales Tracking System
  (Shows you who is in the process of sending $10 to YOU :)

  * REAL TIME Email Notification
   (You will receive an automatic email the instant someone signs up with
     you as their sponsor.  Imagine how fast this can grow!)

  * REAL TIME Access Counter
  (Shows you how many people are accessing your web site for more info)

  * REAL TIME Online Address Book
  (Shows you the Name, Location, and Email address of your new members)

  * REAL TIME Earnings Calculator
  (Excellent tool to show prospects the potential of this program,
  also works great as an estimator and running actuaries. You can
  check it out when you go to my web site, it's defaulted at 6 people,
  plug in 10 people and watch your eyes bug out at the $$$)

  * REAL TIME Upline Contact Manager
  (Shows you your upline sponsors Name, Location and Email address)

  * REAL TIME Lead Generator
  (Absolutely the best lead generation program in existence today!)

  * REAL TIME World Wide Access
  (Imagine being on the road, in a motel with your laptop, or at a
  friends house who is on the net. You can literally access all of your
  vital business information through ANY web browser, allowing you
  unlimited access to run your business while away from home!)

  * Business Builder Web site
  Yes, the best part is the high quality web site that you receive upon
  signing up. This is the backbone of your business which does all the
  work for you! Soon they will be introducing their new state-of-the-art
  Web Site HTML editor, which will be downloadable from your web site
  as the tool of choice for creating high quality web pages that you
  can either sell or use to expand your business. You receive your web
  site instanteously through the miracle of self-replication, and
  likewise, anyone whom you introduce to the business will also receive
  their web site immediately, allowing you to build your business
  quickly by the speed and precision of automation.


 That is the easiest part of all, simply reply to this email or send
a message to my autoresponder at:
Mailto:ppbb at
Put  "ppbb" in the subject area

You will immediately receive the full details and the URL address
of my website where you can fill out the online application for this totally
automated marketing machine.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Hurry and sign up, this is growing rapidly!

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