bananas (Musa) in America

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Tue Aug 26 22:15:45 EST 1997

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> Bernard Ortiz de Montellano (bortiz at wrote:
> : Yuri,
> : You have to pay attention to time. One cannot glide effortlessly across
> : millions of years. Sternberg's post speaks to the presence of, please
> : notice, *Ensete* not *Musa* in the same family but not the same genera in
> : Oregon 43 MILLION years ago. This says nothing about the presence of Musa
> : acuminata triploids in the last 10,000 years in South America. Sternberg
> : (private communication) pointed out that this would require other kinds of
> : evidence.
> Thanks, Bernard, for putting a different spin on this info. So now it
> looks like the transpacific contacts in ancient times _will_, after all,
> explain much better the abundant indications from various sources that
> Musa was present in America before Columbus... 
> Regards,
> Yuri.
> -- 
You have a wonderful capacity to ignore the plain meaning of words and
transmute them somehow into an iteration of the same baseless claim.
Repeating the same incantation over and over again will not replace
credible evidence. You have presented none.
Bernard Ortiz de Montellano

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