Halting crossposting of messages

Chris Fields cjfields at jove.acs.unt.edu
Wed Aug 27 21:11:38 EST 1997

Wouldn't a simple filter that allows posting to bionet groups and sci.
groups alleviate this somewhat?  Even moderation of some sort makes more
sense.  As Dr. Krasel has shown, spam would still leak through the filtering
that you're proposing.

Ask the sci. newsgroup managers how they keep out spam.  They do a great job
of it.

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BIOSCI Administrator wrote in article ...

>In developing our spam filtering software, we have come to realize
>that continuing to allow crossposting of messages to newsgroups
>outside of bionet considerably complicates our task.  In the interest
>of expediting the implementing of spam filtering, therefore, we will
>stop allowing crossposting (at least temporarily).
>This means that a message intended for both bionet and another
>newsgroup hierarchy (e.g., sci.bio or sci.med) will need to be posted
>We can reinstitute crossposting at a later time, but I would like to
>know whether the absence of crossposting is a major or minor
>inconvenience.  Please send me your opinions at
>biohelp at net.bio.net
>Serge Taylor
>Biosci Administrator
>Stanford University

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