help w/ a ref on Northern Blot

dhunt02 at dhunt02 at
Tue Dec 2 14:15:43 EST 1997

Sorry I screwed up the name
it is Mahmoudi m. and Lui

I also found that it is Biotecniques that it is in Vol 7 (#4) pp
if anyone could scan it in and forward it to me I would appreciate it
(try to keep the size below around 10 megs) 

sorry for the mixup and thanks

dhunt02 at wrote:

>There is a reference that I found for Phosphate buffered hybe
>conditions for northern blots.

>The Ref  was listed as follows
>Mohomoudi m., and Lin v.k. (1989) Biofeedback 7, 331-333

>I know that Biofeedback is a section of Biotecniques bu t I wasn't
>aware of a journal (or news letter) Named Biofeedback

>Any help finding this would be appreciated.

>Thank you


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