Advanced Molecular Biology Workshop

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Sat Dec 6 22:32:04 EST 1997

The Cerritos College Biology Department is proud to host an EDVOTEK Short
Course in Advanced Molecular Biology on January 23-24, 1998.

  This short course covers molecular biology concepts with an emphasis on the
construction of a recombinant DNA.  DNA recombinants are constructed by
ligation of a vector and a DNA insert.  The constructs transform competent
cells which are grown and selected for resistance.  Plasmid DNA is then
isolated from transformants, cleaved with restriction enzymes and mapped.
   EDVOTEK courses in biotechnology are designed to meet a variety of training
needs and interests.  EDVOTEK course activities focus on:  1) theory,   2)
experiments,  3) laboratory safety,  4) data analysis,   5) curriculum
implementation.  Experiments are designed to facilitate incorporation in
teaching laboratories and provide participants opportunities to perform
frequently used techniques in experimental and research applications of

   Participants will have the opportunity to purchase equipment used in short
course at demonstration discount prices.

   The course fee is $225.  Participants are responsible for all lodging
expenses, meals and travel, including ground transportation.

Call or e-mail EDVOTEK to receive a registration form and course syllabus.
 (301) 251-5990
 e-mail:    edvotek at
 24-hour FAX:   (301) 340-0582
 Web site:

For information on the host site, contact 
  John Boyle
  Cerritos College
  11110 E. Alondra Blvd.
  Norwalk, CA  90650
  (562) 860-2451  Ext. 2682
  e-mail:   jsbhitek at

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