adenovirus purification and DNA extraction

Cinq fols Cinqfols at
Sun Dec 7 05:40:13 EST 1997

Hello, I am looking for an efficient method for purification of adenovirus and
for DNA extraction from purified virions. I need some pure DNA to carry out an
homologous recombination. I have tested among other things the method of
Kanagae and al. ("A simple and efficient method for purification of infectious
recombinant adenovirus" in Jpn J. Med. Sci. BIOL., 47, 157-166, 1994). I think
that this protocol is good but my problem is about DNA extraction, therefore
after purification and dialysis of purified virus. But after phenol
extraction, there's no DNA left. I will very much appreciate if you could give
me some informations. Many thanks in advance.

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