Adv. Course on Molecular Mechanisms of Transcellular Signalling

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First Announcement:

Molecular Mechanisms of Transcellular Signalling: From Membrane Receptors
to Transcription Factors

An international Summer School for Postdoctoral Scientists and Advanced
Students, co-sponsored by NATO and FEBS

Island of Spetsai, Greece, August 16­28, 1998

An interdisciplinary course on transcellular signaling mechanisms. Topics
include: membrane receptors in neural function; signal pathways mediated
via growth factor and adhesive receptors; vesicular transport and
targeting; signalling via phospholipids and oxidants; structure and
function of transcription factors; localisation of transcripts; control of
cell division; signalling in developmental processes

R. Axel  (USA)                        L. Packer  (USA)
S.K. Burley  (USA)                    T.C. Südhof  (Germany)
J.P. Changeux (France)*               A.M. Surprenant  (Switzerland)
S. Cockcroft  (UK)                    J.P. Thiery (France; Director)*
J.A. Gustafsson (Sweden)*             A. Vaheri  (Finland)
P.J.M. van Haastert  (Netherlands)    A.J. Verkleij  (Netherlands)
H. Jäckle  (Germany)                  U. Walter  (Germany)
M. Lazdunski  (France)                K.W.A. Wirtz (Netherlands)*
S. Martinez  (Spain)                  Y. Yarden  (Israel)
C. Montecucco  (Italy)                
K.A. Nasmyth  (Austria)               * Organizing Committee

Deadline for application is May 1, 1998. For further information and
application forms, please consult:

Albert Noorlandt
secretary to the Organizing Committee

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