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Fri Dec 12 04:07:20 EST 1997

If You Qualify, You Could Net
 Yourself $2000 to $5000 per WEEK!
Starting In the NEXT 2 to 4 WEEKS!.... Guaranteed!

We are Dale and Gwen Yancy.
 We would like to ask you to please take 
 two minutes of you time to read the following. If you
 don't like what you see then please dispose of this mail and
 except our apologies for this disturbance. We promise
 you we will not send you another. We are writing to
 introduce you to a strong, wealth building home based
 business that is NOT a Multilevel Marketing venture or
 some get "rich quick scheme"... a business that is more
 profitable than any network marketing, direct sales,
 franchise or investment opportunity in existence today.

 Who Will Be Allowed To Work With Us?

 We are looking for a limited group of serious minded
 entrepreneurs that have been looking for a solid
 business opportunity. We are not looking for a huge
 response. We only want to work with people we feel have
 a "burning desire" to be successful. Can you visualize
 yourself earning $20,000 + net per month within the
 next year, if provided with the right opportunity to
 do so? Are you willing to commit to doing whatever it
 would take to be successful in this business once you
 completely understand it?

 How To Find Out If You Qualify

 To find out more, call toll free for more details:
 1-888-224-5989 ext. 2614. This is a "Toll Free" recorded message
 that is available 24 hours a day. It is NOT a telemarketer.
 If you are seriously interested...REPLY NOW! If you don't really feel
 you've got the right stuff to be successful, then
 please don't bother to respond. We only want to work
 with the motivated people who seriously want to make
 insane amounts of money!
 Prosperous Regards,
Dale and Gwen Yancy

 P.S. Once again, this is NOT MLM. Serious inquiries only please! 

Call Toll Free    1-888-224-5989 ext. 2614.  DAY OR NIGHT

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