Q:Fluorometer for DNA quantification

Sergei Krasnyanski ksergei at staff.uiuc.edu
Tue Dec 16 09:56:09 EST 1997

Currently we are looking for the fluorometer to buy, mostly to
quantitate DNA and for GUS assays. I found two different models:
- VersaFluor Cuvette Fluorometer from Bio-Rad;
- Hoefer DyNA Quant 200 from Pharmacia Biotech.
And I was wondering if somebody could give me any comments about either
one of them. We used to have the old model of Hoefer, so I know very
well about this one.
I would greatly appreciate if you could send me your opinions based on
the experience, even if you have some other model.

Sergei Krasnyanski

University of Illinois
e-mail: ksergei at staff.uiuc.edu

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