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Dear Friend,

It's True!  You can go to your mailbox each day and pull out cash, checks, and money orders!  I do it....and you can too!  Every day my mail box is jam-packed with orders for my money-making information!  I sit at my kitchen table, open up all of the letters, and soon I have thick stacks of checks, money orders, and cash!  Now, with our incredible free products distributorship, you can do this too!!

Other people, just like you and me, are making millions selling money-making information by mail!!

Eileen & TJ Rohleder, broke & living in a cold apartment, started making $ 16,000.00 their first month and have now made over $ 25,000,000.00 selling money-making information by mail!  They continue to make well over $100,000.00 a month! 

Don Massey took early retirement from his cut-throat corporate job-and has made over $ 1,000,000.00 from his Colorado dream house-selling money-making information by mail!

Bob Kalian, fired from his Radio Shack job, took in over $ 1,000,000 selling the first information product he tried!!  The profits continue to stack up! 

Doug & Kerrie Dearing, living in a tiny 435 square foot apartment, made over $ 600,000 their first year selling money-making information by mail!  The money keeps pouring in!  

And these are just a handful of the people making hundreds and thousands of dollars every day selling money-making information by mail!  With the "60 Minute Riches" Distributorship, you can too! 

"60 Minute Riches" Free Products Distributorship 

Most book distributorships let you keep only 50% to 60% profit on each sale-but, with this distributorship, you get to keep 100% of the profits-and all of the books are dropshipped right to your customers for you!  No other book distributorship company lets you keep every penny of every sale!  After all, they get rich when YOU sell their books!  Our program is different!  We actually lose money when you sell our manuals!  How is this possible?  Through our special system, we only make money if we can help you sell a ton of these $ 19.95 money making & opportunity manuals!  ( Keep reading to find out our "Trade Secret"!)  

It may sound too good to be true, but we've already got distributors selling these powerhouse money-making manuals-and pocketing every cent in profit!  Simply send us your customer's name & address along with the shipping & handling fee for each book (only $ 2 bucks)-which they pay-and we'll have our fulfillment center fill all orders for you immediately!  That is it! There's NO inventory, No shipping, No Hassles-But You Still Get To Keep All The Profits From Every Sale!!  

Stay at home and you have the opportunity to make massive profits in as little as 60-minnutes a day!  In fact, sell just a few of these sizzling hot money-making manuals-and you can be pulling in hundreds, even thousands of dollars a day-from the comfort of your own home!

Let's take a look at Your Potential Profits!!!!!!!!!


The amount of money depends on how many manuals you sell-minus your investment in advertising.  ALL OF THE MONEY FOR THE PRODUCTS IS YOURS TO KEEP-FREE & CLEAR!

We're not promising that you'll make money with this distributorship.  Nobody can guarantee that another person will make money in any business.  if someone "guarantees" you'll get rich with their program-take your money and run!  They're lying to you!!!  The charts included are simple mathematical examples of how much money is possible for selling various amounts of manuals.  Take A Look At These Numbers:


The number of mail -order sales you make

5 sales a day  -
12 sales a day-

Your total weekly income (minus advertising investment)

$ 598.50 a week
$ 1,436.40 a week

Your total monthly income (minus advertising investment)

$ 2,394.00 a month
$ 5,745.60 a month


There are 4 Discount Package offers for the manuals.  They are special offers our sales material makes to people for ordering more of these manuals from you.  The sales material you'll get does all of this for you. The more manuals they buy-the better price they get-and the  MORE MONEY YOU MAKE!  

These Discount Packages were created to help you make the most money possible.  They give your customers an extra incentive to buy more manuals.  This was designed to help you get huge checks in the mail.  

CHART #2-DISCOUNT PACKAGE #1-Any 5 Manuals For $ 99.75 & Get 1 FREE:

The number of Mail-order sales you make

2 sales a day
5 sales a day

Your total weekly income (minus advertising investment)

$ 1,197.00 a week
$ 2,992.50 a week

Your total monthly income (minus advertising investment)

$ 4,788.00 a month 
$ 11,970.00 a month

CHART #3-DISCOUNT PACKAGE #2-Any 7 Manuals For $ 139.60 & Get 2 FREE:

The number of Mail-order sales you make

2 sales a day
5 sales a day

Your total weekly income (minus advertising investment)

$ 1,675.20 a week
$ 4,188.00 a week 

Your total monthly income (minus advertising investment)

$ 6,700.80 a month
$ 16,752.00 a month

CHART #4-DISCOUNT PACKAGE #3-Any 10 manuals for $ 199.50 & Get 3 FREE: 

The number of Mail-orders sales you make

2 sales a day
5 sales a day

Your total weekly income (minus advertising investment)

$ 2,394.00 a week
$ 5,985.00 a week

Your total monthly income (minus advertising investment)

$ 9,576.00 a month
$ 23,940.00 a month

CHART #5-DISCOUNT PACKAGE #4- Any 13 Manuals for $ 259.35 & Get 7 FREE:

The number of mail-order sale you make

2 sales a day
5 sales a day

Your total weekly income (minus advertising investment)

$ 3,112.20 a week
$ 7, 780.50 a week

Your total monthly income (minus advertising investment)

$ 12,448.80 a month
$ 31,122.00 a month

All of these chart show you the potential total income you could make by selling various amounts of these powerful money-making manuals by mail.  These income examples are your proof that it's mathematically possible to bring HUGE amounts of money-everyday, every month and every year!! 

"OK...WHAT'S THE CATCH?"....How We BOTH Make Money-And YOU Get "BONUS CASH"!!

Inside each of the 20 sizzling hot money-making manuals you'll be selling is our money-making secret weapon:  Another Offer For A Higher-Priced Product!  We do everything to make sure the customer is so happy with the first manual they bought from you, they'll purchase the 'back end' offer-and we'll split the profits!  We still drop ship ALL ORDERS FOR YOU.  You keep ALL the profits on the book sales-and we'll split the profits on all "back-end" sales made to these people in your behalf!  You do absolutely no work to get this "back-end" cash-but your monthly "bonus" checks for these sales could be for hundreds or even thousands of dollars! 

You see, THIS is where we make money-and that means that we want to help you sell a TRUCKLOAD of our $ 19.95 money-making manuals!  The MORE manuals you sell, the MORE people will purchase the "back-end" products, and the MORE money YOU make......But, that's also where we make our money!  if we don't help you make money-WE DON'T MAKE MONEY!  It's just that simple!  It's the PERFECT Win-Win Situation!  We only make money when you're pulling in cash hand over fist!  No other company does this!!

Most distributorships leave out the importance of 'back-end" sales-but that's what is making people like Brad Richdale, Don Lapre, Carlton Sheets, and others rich!!  With our program, you've got a "remote control" back-end money-making machine that generates cash for you "A-U-T-O-M-A-T-I-C-A-L-L-Y"!!

Your Back-End Commission can be as high as $ 200.00 Per Sale!  If we make 10 of these "Back-End Sales" for you every month-you'd make $ 2,000 in extra "Bonus Cash" per month-or $ 24,000 in extra cash per year!  Remember, YOU DO NOT SELL these "back-end" products!  That's done for you-and you can receive a commission check every month!  It's just that easy (and it's making our competition go c-r-a-z-y)!

This distributorship gives you TWO AWESOME WAYS to make Massive Profits-In As Little As 60 Minutes Per Day!  You'll never find a book distributorship that gives you everything we do-Guaranteed! 

YOU CAN MAKE UP TO $ 259.35 PER SALE..........By Simply Sending Out Postcards!!

It's true!  We can show you how our simple 10 cent postcard can pull in profits faster than almost ANY classified ad!  Simply send out our powerful money-making postcards-and let them do all the "work" for you!  They work 10 times faster than ads, get immediate response, and can be pulling in checks and money orders within day's!  

Using our powerful money-making system, you can make up to $ 259.35 per sale made-by simply sending out postcards!  Of course, that doesn't include getting up to $ 200 per "back-end" sale!  How can such a cheap marketing postcard pull in so much cash???  Check out our section titled "How to Turn an Ordinary Postcard Into Thousands of Dollars A Week" on page 155 of the "60-Minute Riches" Program and you'll see!  


This "60-Minutes Riches" program was designed to  PAY  YOU  money in as little as 5 to 7 days!   Start immediately (the system only takes about 30 minutes to   understand)-and start receiving checks, money orders and cash in the mail within a week or so!  Everything you need to start making money will be rushed to you, including:  

* 220-page "Quick-Start" Manual
* Dropship Order Forms
* Over 100 Money-Making Ads & Sales Materials
* Special Distributor Agreement

This "60-Minute Riches" program is the simplest way ever for making big money part-time from home!  You'll understand the entire program in the first 30 minutes!  And once you do understand it, you'll have all you need to begin using it right away! It's fast-easy-and simple! 


Now is your chance-maybe your only chance-to get this free products distributorship.  If you're searching for hot products that can make you massive profits from home-with the smallest amount of time or money-the "60-Minute Riches" package is the program you need!  No other program comes close! 

If you're still not sure...maybe you've been "burned" in the past or are a little skeptical, let me tell you what makes our "60-Mintue Riches" book distributorship so special:  

-----YOU can stay home and do it all in 60 minutes a day.  That's it!  No long hours, no headaches, no hassles!  It's quick, simple and easy!  

-----Everything is put together for you in a simple, step-by-step system!  There's nothing to "figure out"!  No complicated work,  no confusion.  You'll know exactly what to do!  It's a recipe for making money!  

-----This is the simplest and easiest mail order business you'll ever find!  All it takes is three simple steps!  That's it!  You just do three of these simple steps every day!  30-minutes for step one.  And 15 minutes for each of the other two!  Then, take the rest of the day off!  

------This is private!  You'll never have to talk with anyone or do any personal selling!  You'll never have to let anyone know what you're doing to make your money!  Let people think you've inherited a bunch of money-or won the lottery! 

-----This is completely legitimate.  It's fully legal-and totally solid-backed by a multi-million dollar publishing company!  Don't worry, I would never be involved in anything that was "shaky"!  

----This is the money-making method and products you can be proud of .  Isn't it time you finally "made it" in life-without all of the hassles and struggles?  This is your "key" to success!  

We have limited openings for immediate distributors!  If you're looking for a way to make a part-time or full-time income from home-in as little as 60-minutes a day-with no personal selling, no product inventory, no shipping hassles and the highest profits possible of ANY book distributorship program...your choice is simple!  The "60-Minute Riches" Program.  You can start fast-and be making money within 7 days!  Never before has such an awesome money-making distributorship been created!  

DON'T LET THIS OPPORTUNITY PASS YOU BY!!  If you would like more information, reply to linknet at and put 60 Minute Riches in the subject box and we will automatically get back with you.  It's that easy!  Also, if you wish to be removed from our mailing list simply reply with the subject remove and you will automatically be removed from our database.  ...Thank You

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