??Dynatech luminometer??

Martin Offterdinger a8803349 at unet.univie.ac.at
Fri Dec 19 05:28:27 EST 1997

Hi everyone!
I would like to hear your opinion about  the Dynatech Microplate
Luminometer ML 3000. I would like to use the sum (corresponding to the
total light output) as analysis parameter. But the accuracy of the
instrument seems to be very low yielding sums of up to 3500 rlu even
with a plate without any sample in it, no matter if I autoinject the
reagents or not. What makes the thing even worse is, that these
background values differ at least within a derivation of a factor 3-5.
The performance of the instrument seemed to be good when I did my
first experiments yielding a background of -300 and firefly luciferase
values of 2000-5000 RLU always using the sum as a parameter. Later on
this performance was irreproducible yielding background levels of
1000-4000 rlu and firefly values within the same range thus making it
impossible to use the results. The technician could improve the
performance a little, but nevertheless the well-to-well
reproducability of an empty plate still seems to be quite low.

So what is the problem?
Is it just a bad instrument?
Or does the enhanced flash mode not operate properly?
I am looking forward to hear your opinions!

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