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>Kavindra wrote:
>> (some snip) and look at all the nifty ways we've shown how we can get
>> rid of excess humans as well.
>> Congratulations to the posters on this thread- you are all a credit to
>> conservative Republicans everywhere.
>I have mused on this idea before, but it seems more relevant now than
>ever: The most prolific excess human remover yet devised (the highway
>system) is being used by those (and conservative Republicans seem to
>lead the list) who see the need to decrease the number of people who are
>expected to receive Social Security.
>The government removed the federally mandated speed limit of 55 mph and
>permitted the states to set their own limits. The limit has almost
>universally been raised recetly to 70 mph. As a result the number of
>deaths has risen by about 10% (I saw this on the news the other night,
>reported as highway patrol stats).
>This is near genius! All those that die are eliminated from the list of
>existing or potential SS recipients. The neat part about this is: No one
>has to take responsibility for the deaths.
>So here is the situation, if the SS system wants to reduce the number of
>SS recipients by any percentage, all they have to do is to get the
>Transportation Safety Board to mandate speed limits that are sure to
>result in increased carnage on the highways. In order to save SS, they
>could raise the limit to 100 mph and that would get rid of many who
>would otherwise eventually receive SS. 

(Note to UK residents:  "Social Security", in the US, is not the same
thing as in the UK.  The US version of what the British know as Social
Security was, until recently, part of the Welfare system.  Nowadays a
large part of it has been eliminated.  What is called "Social Security"
on this side of the pond corresponds, roughly, to the Old Age Pension).

Flawed logic, I'm afraid.  to reduce the SS financial burden, you need
to remove people from society at the end of their productive (taxpaying)
life, and before they draw much from the SS fund.

That's not how the highway population reduction system works. The SS
recipients aren't the ones getting killed.  They continue to drive at
exactly 37 mph in the fast lane of the freeway, complaining all the
while about the deteriorating standards of driving, and the reckless
fools who tailgate, or pass on the inside.  Their driving must be OK,
after all - they haven't had an accident in forty years of driving.

So who does die?  Mostly teenagers and twenty-somethings; those who
have not yet made any significant contribution through income taxes.
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