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Fri Dec 19 10:18:46 EST 1997

In <3499B70A.6D621E7 at>, "Michael M. Corbett" <mcorbett at> writes:
>>This is all nonsense. What we REALLY need to do is boil off the oceans.
>Then we're getting somewhere. Why waste all this time blowing up the
>moon or paving the earth, when we could be boiling off the oceans?

Ah my friend you are still thinking small! Why not use ELF and wrench off the Van Allen belts,
and then release the atmosphere into space. This would also have the effect of
boiling off the oceans(allowing a nice clean pave after). If we're lucky, the loss of 
the atmosphere might set up some orbital wobbling which could trigger
 irregularities with the moon and then it might blow up, spin out of control into
 the earth, etc. 

Although I'd still feel better about things if we could collapse some outer layers
of the sun and cause it to go nova. I'm sure the military is working on it.


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