Michael M. Corbett mcorbett at
Thu Dec 18 18:51:39 EST 1997

AmazonPaveMistress wrote:

> *******WHACK!!!!!*******
> What IS this lunacy!?!?!?!?
> first they wanna chrome it, now they wanna blow it up
> When will you people ever learn?
> Time spent fiddling with the moon is time wasted that could
> otherwise be spent PAVING!!!!
> Pave the Earth!!
> One world, one People, one Slab af Asphalt!!!!
> --

This is all nonsense. What we REALLY need to do is boil off the oceans.
Then we're getting somewhere. Why waste all this time blowing up the
moon or paving the earth, when we could be boiling off the oceans?

Besides, kucklehead, how are you going to pave over WATER, huh? Answer
me that.; Your plan is not well thought out. First boil the oceans, the
blow up the moon and drag all that rock down here, THEN pave the earth.
Damn, and some people say I'M stupid. HA!

Incidentally, this comment is so worthy, I'll just continue cross
posting. Obviously your interested, or you would'nt be reading this. <G>

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