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Mon Dec 22 20:28:34 EST 1997

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>I was bored, so I thought I'd ask a few stupid questions of this stupid
>post :)
>1) If we blew up the moon, wouldn't we have a problem with large piece
>falling on us?
>2) Assuming we're going to blow the moon up soon, nukes are the only way
>to go. Aren't you worried about fallout?
>3) Wouldn't we get our own rings from the leftovers? Earth with

        1)  No, My physics teacher (Jimbo) said that if we did, the
pieces coming towards the Earth would pull themselves apart and it would
burn up in the atmosphere.

        2) C4 anybody?  Don't think it requires Oxygen

        3)  Probably

        Anyone played the Dig (they blow an asteroid up there)
Jon Sanderson
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