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Jon Sanderson wrote:

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> >I was bored, so I thought I'd ask a few stupid questions of this
> stupid
> >post :)
> >
> >1) If we blew up the moon, wouldn't we have a problem with large
> piece
> >falling on us?
> >
> >2) Assuming we're going to blow the moon up soon, nukes are the only
> way
> >to go. Aren't you worried about fallout?
> >
> >3) Wouldn't we get our own rings from the leftovers? Earth with
> >
> >
>         1)  No, My physics teacher (Jimbo) said that if we did, the
> pieces coming towards the Earth would pull themselves apart and it
> would
> burn up in the atmosphere.

Hopefully :)

>         2) C4 anybody?  Don't think it requires Oxygen

I don't think so, either...but where we gonna get all that C4? At
current technology, nukes are the *only* way to go.

>         3)  Probably

Of course, in a few hundred years we'll have metallic rings, at the rate
we're putting stuff in space...

>         Anyone played the Dig (they blow an asteroid up there)

Haven't seen that part, but I hear it's cool :)

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