BLOW UP THE MOON and see what happens! (ABIAN)

J. Farr jfarr at
Sun Dec 28 23:55:52 EST 1997

And what exactly has the moon done to deserve this?  It would appear that
someone has a little too much time on their hands.  Then again, if you
wanted to troll, I can't think of a better way to do it.

Alexander Abian <abian at> wrote in article 
>   It seems to me that many readers have  raised  their voices 
>   in defiance of probably 99.999% of human race's  apocalyptic 
>   awe  and  unconditional surrender  to the existing setup of 
>   the Solar System, and especially to the present 5 billion years 
>   old  decadent and infested with perpetual calamities setup of 
>   the Earth-Moon system.
>  [yada yada deleted]
>      Alter Earth-Moon relationship,alter  no matter how, but alter,
>    alter!.  Enough of  speechless acceptance of the  insidious 
>    indoctrinations  and corrupt fanaticism.  Enough, of the   
>    impositions of the will of the self-appointed dictators and the 
>    tyrannical  bureaucracies  of various  political organizations which 
>    encroach in every aspect and every countenance of the human life!!!


Until the knee-biting commercial world figures out that
spam inspires disgust and not commerce, you will need to
reverse the address to reply to this message.  

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