Please Read This Item.

Gill Bates zoom at
Tue Dec 30 17:59:10 EST 1997

The subject here mentioned is probably appropriate
to every newsgroup and bulletin board in the free world.

A very well known poster has used coarse expletives and profanity to
be used against another Usenet user both in newsgroup items and
private e-mails. These can be viewed in soc.penpals, uk.misc,
uk.transport and other newsgroups where published.

Complaints were made to the sender's server (abuse at
but this solicited a negative response.

So let us have your views on the subject. Should the use of 
expletives and profanities be acceptable on the Usenet
or should ISP's put their houses in order and do somthing about it.
Ask your ISP about their Terms of Use concerning the publication of
profanities and expletives.

Please forward your responses to uk.misc & soc.penpals as the major
discussion groups. Thank You.

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