Jim Kohl jkohl at
Sun Feb 2 00:12:36 EST 1997

Jorge Jesus Gomez <jjgomez at> wrote:
>Today I've had a dicussion with a friend about pheromons. She said
>that pheromons only exist on insects, and they do not have any
>influence on human beings. On the other side, she admitted that
>some experiments seem to prove that human beings use pheromons.
>I would like all of you to give your opinion about it. 
>By the way, how do you write it: pheromons or phaeromons?

It's pheromones! In my opinion there is more than sufficient evidence 
that human pheromones elicit powerful physiological and behavioral 
effects. You may wish to look at my web site for the details upon which 
my opinion is based.

Jim Kohl

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