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>  IF you have a answer to any of these questions please send your replies to RubySlyper at  >I will really appreciate any help, and need your replies by 2/10/97.

At least you have the *honesty* to admit you're too lazy to do your own
reading! Try reading a book, or at least using the "search" feature of
your browser. Don't you know AOL will fine you and drop your account if
you try to get homework answers through newsgroups?
> 8.I erad about an obesity gene and one that might  be a cancer gene.  Are
> there any other genes that have been found
> recently

Yeah, right - you *read* it? Where?
In the interest of stopping misinformation(or at least standing in its
way until I get run over), I'll comment on this one:

THERE ARE NO CANCER GENES! <excuse my shouting>
If your teacher told you this, you can tell her/him that s/he's an idiot
(I know it's hard to believe, but _many_ of them are - why do you think
they teach?).
Anyway, back to my point - THERE ARE NO CANCER GENES!

Sorry to be so harsh, but here's the nice version:
Geneticists like to name genes after the "phenotype" (appearance) they
cause when they are mutated (mutation is often how a gene is studied).
Certain genes, when mutated, cause cell to lose control of their normal
division properties and form tumors, so geneticists call them "cancer
genes", but (of course) their normal function has nothing to do with
cancer. It would be like calling a gene for black hair a "blonde gene"
becuse when it didn't function the hair was light. Silly, huh? 

Well, I managed to babble for three paragraphs without answering any of
your questions (I think). Now, you go read a book or something!

And don't believe _anything_ you read on the 'net (even this) - some
people will intentionaly mislead you (hint: see my first paragraph), and
others are just plain stupid!

<ps - not all teachers are idiots, and sometimes it's hard to tell who
is and who isn't - so give them a good chance before you stop listening>

<<<no flames, please!>>>
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