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Sun Feb 2 20:41:43 EST 1997

HO's family (kyhoc at HKUCC.HKU.HK) wrote:
> I want to find a paper from internet. The information is given as below:
> TI: Evaluation of various media with refernce to the growth and
> biodegradation potential of oil degrading microorganisms
> Source; Biomedical letters 48(189): 43-50
> Can you help me to get this paper? I cannot find in my school library
> and libraries in my country.

There are various possibilities.

1) A university library should be able to get it for you from a foreign
   country. This will most likely involve some kind of a fee.

2) You can check whether Biomed. Lett. publishes on the Internet. A
   good place to start your search would be Pedro's Research Tools
   which can be found at various places in the world:


   From a quick glance, it appears that Biomed. Lett. is not published on 
   the Internet.

   Of course, you might also want to search one of the common search
   engines (like Altavista or Yahoo) for "Biomedical Letters".

3) You could try to find out whether "Uncover" has the journal. Uncover
   is a service which will fax you an article, of course for a fee.
   Telnet to and follow the instructions.

   Unfortunately, it appears that "uncover" doesn't have the journal

(Actually, the journal seems to be fairly obscure. Medline doesn't
 carry it either.)

4) Yet another way to approach the problem is to look into a catalogue
   of a large library. There are several on-line, but my memory on
   this is a bit flaky. Therefore, you have to find the addresses for

5) Finally, why not write directly to the author of the paper and ask
   him for a reprint?


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