How do plants turn towards light?

Ralph Gainey sesame at MCN.ORG
Mon Feb 3 15:44:48 EST 1997

Dear Frederik,

Here's a good place to start:

You don't have to write this down...the easy way is to:

When someone posts an address to a URL [or one appears in a signature] and
you want to go there, but don't want to write it down...

This works with Eudora...

(1) highlight the URL with the mouse
(2) Hit <EDIT> in the upper menu
(3) select <COPY> from the pulldown menu
(4) go to the address bar of Nescape and highlight anything that is there
(5) repeat (2) and
(6) choose <PASTE> from the pulldown menu and voila! 
(7) hit <ENTER>, and if you're online it will take you there...
(8) if you're busy, add it to your bookmarks and return later...

You're welcome...pass it on...

With warm regards,
Ralph Gainey

With warm regards,
Ralph Gainey

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