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:   There is a tendency in science to say "Yeah, ok, there are pheremones 
:in other mammals, but that doesn't mean humans do it, too!" A better 
:statement might be "There is evidence for the use of pheremones in other 
:mammals, therefore it is possible that humans also use pheremones." 

One recent development was the finding that humans have a functional 
vomeronasal organ. This is usually the sensor for pheromones in most other
mammals; the fact that humans possess it suggests that they _may_ use 
pheromones; it scupprs the old argument that "No vomeronasal organ = No

The actual research on the pheromones is more clouded, though. Several 
studies exist; most are dubious either in methodology or results, or have 
too few results to be statistically very significant.

One recent development is to use purported sex pheromones to sell perfumes; 
in this case the female-produced, male-sensed pheromone is put into the MENS'
perfume, and the male-produced, female-sensed pheromone is put into the
female perfume.

In short, if you are buying the stuff for the attraction effects, it won't
work. The makers are using the pheromones purely to exploit the supposed
pheromone-related sexual arousal to sell the perfumes...

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