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An Amazing New Discovery:  Negative Calories

"Here Are The 19 Foods That Cause You To Lose Weight....."

Everyone Who Has Tried Them Has Lost Weight.


Nutritionists have discovered that certain foods cause you to lose
weight.  These are foods with negative calories.  The more you eat,
the more you lose.

Below, you are going to discover what these foods are, why they cause
you to lose weight, and how.

QUESTION:  How can certain foods cause you to lose weight?

ANSWER:  Experiments have shown that 19 particularly healthful and 
nutritious foods (some of which are vegetables and fruits) burn more
calories than they can contribute.  So the more you eat, the more you 
burn off your excess weight.  These foods (with negative calories) are 
transformed into energy, not fat.

QUESTION:  How is this possible?

ANSWER:  The power of negative calorie foods to dissolve excess fat 
will seem obvious to you when you understand how your body 
accumulates fat.

You are born with a certain number of "adipose" cells.  These adipose 
cells swell up and multiply when you gain too much 	weight.  Your
metabolism then slows down.  This allows carbohydrate-based foods
to be changed into fat.  This fat is stored.

Therefore, you cannot lose weight by draining the fat from the cells.

You can only do this in three ways:  omit foods that are rich in fat
(dieting); intensive exercising; or eating foods with negative calories that
burn off the fat and drain it from your cells.

Obviously, it is the last method that is by far the easiest because it
requires no effort, no deprivation.

QUESTION:  How many pounds can you lose per week?

ANSWER:  If you are more than 20 pounds overweight, you can lose up
to six pounds in the first week, and up to four pounds in subsequent

If you are more than 20 pounds overweight, you can lose weight even
more quickly.  Some people with more than 40 pounds to lose have lost
up to 12 pounds in the first week.

QUESTION:  Do you have to follow some kind of special diet?  Or is it
just a question of adding negative calorie foods to your normal diet?

ANSWER:  You don't have to follow any diet, or change anything in
your lifestyle.  You can eat pastries, sauces, butter, cake, anything you

The only thing you have to do is add negative calorie foods to your
normal diet... and watch your pounds and rolls of fat disappear.

QUESTION:  How many negative calorie foods do I have to add to my
normal diet?

ANSWER:  Just add 25% of your normal diet.  But you can exceed that
amount because the more negative calorie foods you eat, the more
quickly you lose weight.

QUESTION:  Will it be easy for me to maintain my ideal weight after
losing my excess pounds?

ANSWER:  Most people who lose weight with diets or pills or other
methods quickly gain back the weight they have lost.

But with negative calorie foods, it is different.  The only thing you have
to do to keep slim is to add negative calorie foods to your normal diet.

QUESTION:  What are these negative calorie foods?  Where can I get

ANSWER:  All these negative calorie foods are natural foods.  There are
19 of them.  Among them are fruits, vegetables and other natural foods
that you will find in any supermarket or at your grocer.

QUESTION:  Is there any proof that people have tried negative calorie
foods and have really lost weight?

ANSWER:  Everyone who has added negative calorie foods to their
normal diet have lost weight.  Here are some excerpts from letters we
have received:

"I had tried everything..."
"I lost 35 pounds.  All my life I have suffered from being fat and I had
tried everything to lose weight.  The negative calorie foods are the only
thing that have ever worked for me.  I feel like a new woman.  My
husband also lost 23 pounds.  We are delighted to have rediscovered
the joy of life that we had long since lost."  Mrs. Claudine S.

"I thought I would be fat all my life..."
"I often dreamed of becoming slim, but nothing I ever tried ever helped
me lose weight.  Now I have discovered negative calories.  I lost 23
pounds in two short weeks and a total of 68 pounds more quickly than I
would have dared to hope.  My husband told me last night that I am
prettier than I ever have been."  Mrs. Martha F.

QUESTION:  I have read in a magazine that negative calorie foods not
only help you lose weight, but also improve your health?  Is that true?

ANSWER:  Yes.  Negative calorie foods were discovered by nutritionist
physicians during their search for healthier foods.  When you add
negative calorie foods to your normal diet, you lose weight but you also
lower and normalize your cholesterol rate.  This always contributes to
your health.

QUESTION:  I have already tried bean pod capsules, pineapple capsules,
other methods, other diets, and nothing helped me lose weight.  Why
would it be different this time?

ANSWER:  Because the process of negative calories is natural:  you
burn off more calories than you absorb.  Because everyone who has
tried them has lost weight, there is no reason that it would work for
everyone else and not for you.  The results are so certain that you can
try this at our risk, and with no obligation.

If, for any reason whatsoever, you're not 100% satisfied with the
results of the report "Foods That Make You Lose", simply send it back
to us within 90 days, and we will send you a 100% refund, no later
than nine days after receipt of your returned package.  No questions asked.

No Risk For You...

You can, therefore, accept this risk-free trial offer simply out of
curiosity, because you are not risking a single cent.

Why Would We Dare To Make This Offer?

Because we are convinced that when you have lost your excess
pounds, you will be so happy that you will want to keep the report
"Foods That Make You Lose".

Because everyone, absolutely everyone, who has adopted these foods
that cause you to lose weight have lost excess pounds.

Because there is no reason why it would work for others and not for you.

Read This Only If You Decided Not To Take This Trial Offer....

This trial offer is entirely at our risk.  If you do not lose the weight
you want to 	lose, all you have to do is return the report within
90 days.  We will then send you a 100% refund cheque no later
than nine days after receiving your package.  This is no-questions-
asked guarantee.

You eat as much as you want, and anything you want.  All you
have to do is add 25% negative calorie foods to your normal diet.

You are the one to decide if you want to keep the report or if you
prefer to return it for a refund.

Now you have the opportunity of changing your appearance and
your life without going on a diet.  Even if you have been overweight
for years, it's not important.

Everyone who has tried negative calorie foods has lost weight.  These
foods must make you lose weight too, or it won't cost you a single

If you don't want to lose weight for yourself, do it for your husband,
your children - and for your health!

Last Minute...

Copies of this edition of the report "Foods That Make You Lose" may
soon be depleted.  The next edition may not be able to go to press for
four months.  If you want quick service and want to take advantage of
the price of this edition, send in the attached coupon now...  That way
you won't risk forgetting and regret having missed out on this special
risk-free offer.

NOTE:	  This report is not available in stores.  You may only obtain it
	  with the coupon below.



To Order Mail This Coupon To:

		SB Company
		#103, 7912 - 118 Avenue
		Edmonton, Alberta	
		T5B 0R5   CANADA

To be valid, this coupon must be mailed within 30 days.  
Please complete this information:

I am interested in your trial offer entirely at your risk.  I understand
therefore, that:

1.	I must lose up to six pounds in the first week.

2.	I must continue to lose up to five pounds per week until all my
	excess weight has disappeared.

3.	There is no diet to follow, and I can eat whatever I 	want.

4.	I have a 90 days guarantee period in which to verify that my
	excess pounds are going - not returning.

5.	If I am not 100% satisfied, I will return the report at any time
	during the 90-day trial period.  In that case, I will not have to
	make any explanation to you or meet any conditions.  You will
	send me a 100% refund cheque no later than nine days after
	having received my returned package.

	Under the terms of this formal guarantee, please send me in a
	plain package with no external markings _____  report(s)
	"Foods That Make You Lose" for $15 each (includes shipping,
	handling and applicable taxes).

	Enclosed is my (circle one) cheque / money order for a total of
	$_________ in Canadian Funds made out to the SB Company.

	Name:	_______________________________________________
	Postal Code:_________________________________________

	_____ I would prefer paying on receipt (C.O.D.) although this will
		cost me $7 extra for C.O.D. and insurance charges.


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