REQ: Quantum ProDrive LPS SCSI HD

Rino Clarizio clarizio at MONTREAL.COM
Sun Feb 9 16:48:24 EST 1997

I'm desperately looking for a SCSI Quantum ProDrive LPS drive; either
the 52S, 80S or 105S.  

Let me explain the situation.  I'm the technical coordinator of the
Montreal Children's Hospital - Research Institute in Montreal, Quebec
Canada.  Just before Christmas, our main radiation gamma counter went
out of service.  This instrument is used to count gamma radiation
emmitted by several radioistopes that we use in our diagnostic tests.
The instrument has a primitive pc built-in and uses a SCSI drive to
store its programs and data on.  The drive died.  We have been able to
find several SCSI drives but non worked.  Either they were not LPS
(ie, the parity of the drive most be disabled) , to big in size
(memory  and partitioning the drive did not work) or to big physically
(we need a flat 3.5 in. drive).  The company that makes the gamma
counter  does not carry these drives anymore.  These are the only
drives that will work with our configuration. Instead, the suggested
we upgrade the cost of the computer component.  That would cost us
around $5,000.00  In these times of tight budgets, we cannot justify
such an expense to upgrade to a 286  computer.

So if anyone has one of these drives and would like to part with it,
we would be very grateful.  We can either buy it or trade (we have
Quantum ELS Prodrive 85S or several IDE drives).

If you are interested to part with your drive, please e-mail me at the
address below.


Rino Clarizio
Technical Coordinator
Montreal Children's Hospital - Research Institute
2300 Tupper St. W.
Place Toulon Rm 205
Montreal, Quebec. Canada. H3H 1P3
Tel: (514) 934-4400 ext. 3789
Fax: (514) 934-4331
E-mail: clarizio at

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