What is a proper measure for a good scientist?

Jenny Wilkinson jwilkinson at CSU.edu.au
Sun Feb 9 22:15:46 EST 1997

Noam Shormon wrote:
> I have currently graduated from a Biotechnology degree at a University in
> Australia. I have a military background as an officer and some lab
> experience as well (about 2 months with extremely good references).
> Unfortunately I could not memorize "The Cell" by Alberts et al (or any
> other text book) and therefore my GPA is just below 3.0 (although at the
> Uni I studied even that is hard to achieve). While I am searching for a
> job, or appling for further studies, the only measure for accepting me are
> my previuos marks.
> IS THAT FAIR???!!!

Just a comment re: GPA - the GPA on its own doesn't tell anyone
much. Unis don't all use standard grading scales, for example the
uni I went to had a 1-7 scale and a GPA of 3 would mean that you had
a terminating pass in most subjects.  To let people get a better
idea of your ablity maybe give the range of GPA as well.


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