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Sun Feb 9 20:04:05 EST 1997

Charlotte Anglim wrote:

> I study biology at school and I had some serious coursework to do(it
> was a practical investigation).
> My problem is this. My experiment did not work properly (because we
> only had a small amount of time). I had a bean sprout and I had to
> find out which section contained the most catalyse and give ratios
> for the parts of the plant that contained catalyse (the 4 sections
> are: radicle, hypocotyl, cotyledon, pumule).
> If anyone could solve my problem, could you please reply to the
> newsgroup or send me a direct E Mail

What exactly do you mean by "solve my problem"? Are you looking for ways
to help the experiment work better *next* time? (Experiments *rarely*
work the first time :) - or are you simply looking for *the* answer? If
your experiment didn't suceed, it's perfectly OK to report that, as long
as you explain *why* it didn't succeed (heck, that's how I got through
organic chemistry :)

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