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John P. Pagano pagano at
Wed Feb 12 15:48:16 EST 1997


I'm writing to let you know about a great web resource: the Nutrition
Center at MediLife Online.  It's most notable feature is an easy-to-use
database Applet of 16,000 foods and their nutrients.  You literally just
type in anything you've eaten recently, or are planning to eat -- either
brand name or generic foods -- and the program will return to you a full
food label.  Visit

and click "LifeTime Food Book".

The applet is free and there's no registration or anything like that.

The Nutrition Center also has some great healthy recipes, some specialty
diets, and some general nutrition reference material.  Check it out.

John Pagano
Marketing Associate and Webmaster
Medilife, Inc.
pagano at

MediLife Online: Nutrition, Weight Loss, Diabetes

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