Looking for tissue from any type of bat

Angel Raya Angel.Raya at uv.es
Thu Feb 13 07:43:50 EST 1997

We are looking for kidney, lung, suprarenal or muscle tissue from any type of 
bat to isolate RNA and perform reverse transcriptase-coupled polymerase chain reaction 
	Does anyone know where we can get these tissues?

Please respond to susan at ochoa.fib.es


Susan Quinones, PhD                E-mail: susan at ochoa.fib.es
Instituto de Investigaciones Citologicas                         
Fundacion de Investigaciones Biomedicas        Phone no.: +34 6 369 8500
Amadeo de Saboya 4                             Fax no.: +34 6 360 1453
E46010-Valencia. SPAIN======================================================

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