Monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies

David Isackson davidi at
Thu Feb 13 05:29:57 EST 1997

ICT is an Australian diagnostic company that specialises in the 
development and manufacture of rapid immunodiagnostic tests for 
infectious and tropical diseases.
We have commercialised a 5 minute test for the detection of Plasmodium
falciparum malaria antigen in whole blood and are currently being 
pressed by the market to develop and sell a combination test that can 
detect P.vivax and other human malarial species in whole blood.
ICT has therefore set an urgent priority to access and evaluate any
existing monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies directed against plasmodial 
circulating blood stage antigens.
Any information in regard to these reagents will be appreciated.
Collaborative work will be discussed should preliminary evaluations look
Please contact Mary Garcia at ICT Diagnostics, Sydney, Australia
(ph)612 9948 7511  (fax)612 9949 2635  (e-mail) ict at

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