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San Francisco, CA - February 10, 1997 - Active Tools, Inc. announced
today the release of Clustor 1.0 (TM), a program for managing large
computational tasks. Clustor greatly simplifies a common computationally
intensive activity - running the same program code numerous times with
different inputs. Clustor provides increased performance by distributing
jobs over a network of computers and improved task management through a
friendly user interface.

Targeted at users who run computationally demanding tasks, Clustor
provides an intuitive interface for task description and control. It
supports all phases of running a computationally intensive task on a
network of computers: task preparation, job generation and job execution.
Now, users who do not have extensive knowledge of programming parallel
applications, such as scientists, engineers, researchers, are able to
utilize the power of networked computers.

Clustor is already being used in fields, such as bioinformatics,
combinatorial optimization, computer graphics, ecological modelling,
electronic CAD, environmental modelling, VLSI design, laser physics and
particle physics.

Clustor 1.0 is currently available for computers from major workstation
suppliers, including SGI Irix, Sun Solaris, DEC OSF, IBM AIX, HP HPUX and
Intel Linux. Introductory prices range $799-$1299 for Clustor Root
and $199-$299 for Clustor Node. Discounts for multiple copies are
available. Clustor 1.0 can be downloaded from:                      

Active Tools is running a special introductory offer until March 15, 1997.
For each copy of Clustor Root purchased, users will receive another
copy of Clustor Root for free. In addition, Active Tools will provide
free support and free upgrades until the end of 1997 for all orders
made before March 15, 1997.

For more information, contact: sales at


Active Tools, founded in 1995, develops, markets and supports software tools
for high performance computing. The founders have been developing software
tools for more than 15 years in both industry and academia. The company has
offices in USA and Australia.

Active Tools Inc., 246 First St, Suite 310, San Francisco, CA 94105
Tel: (415) 882-7062, Fax: (415) 680-2369, E-mail: info at

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