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Latest Update about Clean Oceans '97 Conference in Hawaii, June 97.  To
celebrate IYOR.  Speaker List

Saturday, June 14, 1997 (Oceans Day)
        Chuck Blay (Oceanographer) 
        -- the part coral reefs play in the formation of Hawaii's
        Dr. Brian Tissot (UH Hilo, Marine Science)
        --the importance of coral reef ecology and Global Change
          Dr. James Maragos (East - West Center)
        --coral reefs and ocean resource management
         Dr. Richard Grigg (UH-Oceanography)
        --Anini Reef, Kauai, past and present
          Dr. Cindy Hunter (UH-Botany)
        --Video and coral reef monitoring
          Dr. John McManus (ICLARM, Phillipines)
        --status of the reefs of the world
        Panel Discussion by Coral Reef Experts
        --The reef experts will answer, What is the single
        biggest threat to reefs and why?, and other relevant coral
reef                 questions.
        1 pm - 3 pm : Coral reef monitoring workshop on reef
at                                         Princeville Hotel, in water,
bring snorkel gear
        Ahupua'a (Polynesian Resource Management System) Slide
Presentation, Mr. David Boynton

Keynote Speaker:  Mr. Bobby Kennedy, Jr.
In attendence: Hawaii Governor Benjamin Cayetano

Hope I have not send this to you more than once, because of the lists I
am using.  If I have I appologize.

Thank you, and have a great International Year of the Reef.

Carl Stepath

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