employment as a biologist..some thoughts

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On 15 Feb 1997, Steven Pirie-Shepherd wrote:

> I am a PhD level biologist, and I have a job at the moment in academia,
> but I keep an eye on what happens in the job market, just to be prepared.
> My observation is that the most jobs are for people with a Masters, and
> experience in molecular, protein and cell biology techniques. 

Yes, my observastion from a distance (I am a theor.physicist)
is that "it is not biology unless it is DNA or alike". 
Unless the totalitarian dictate of Molecur Biology is
challegnge of an across-the borad scale, the biology is
bound to be drowned in techniques, not ideas.

> Employers want techniques..not ideas. PhDs are trained to have 
> ideas, and an agenda..

Here, I join you too. And this is correct not only 
for (modern) biology. Ideas (especially, new and original)
are anathema in almost all sciences. In physics they
(fortunately) they sometime can survive because (some)
physicists have learnd various tricks how get their
agenda through. On occasion, if works. But its all on
margins (I mean GOOD ideas).
> Biotech companies dont want or need group leaders by the ton, they
> want willing skilled, highly paid hands..if you want to live and work in
> science these  days, stop at the masters level, ignore academia (old boys
> club at best) and go into biotech. Just some thoughts

I wonder for how long it will work. The sentiment
about biotech (where's beef ?) seems to me growing.
Biotech: WHERE IS THE BEEF ??? (so far, cat food only).

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