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 Imagine what you can do with...

 Here's How To Get Started

      Let me tell you which companies to contact so you can start to
 receive your checks. They can be $200.00, $400.00, even $800.00 per
 week, depending on what you do. You can earn this excellent income
 right at home. And you work only when you want to.

      My name is Henry Summers. I investigate income opportunities
 that are advertised in magazines or by mail or are listed in home
 work directories and other sources.

      Then I talk to people who are actually using these opportunities. I ask
 how much money they make... and whether they enjoy the work. This
 helps me direct you to the best opportunities that are available
 today. Ones that people are using right now to earn all the money
 they want.

                          Get Paid For Stuffing Envelopes.
                              No Fees. Nothing To Buy.

      This easy work is very appealing, but most people do not know
 how to get it. That's because so many of the envelope stuffing
 programs being advertised are not what you expect. And you don't find
 that out until after you send in your money.

       Let me tell you the real facts. With true envelope stuffing...

       * You do not need to pay any fee or buy any materials to get 
       * You do not do any advertising or handle any orders.
       * All printing, postage, and mailing lists are supplied free by
          the companies that pay you.
       * Your pay is based entirely on how many envelopes you

      Rosie Martinez is an example of someone who earns money stuffing
 envelopes. The company delivers all the materials right to her door.
 She stuffs the envelopes, seals them, and applies the mailing labels
 and postage stamps that are supplied. Then she gets paid for every
 envelope completed.

      Rosie says, "I'm retired, and I enjoy having something to do.
                          I usually watch television while I work. The
                          home shopping  shows are much more fun now
                          that I have money to spend."

      If you'd like to do this kind of work, just follow the          
 directions in Chapter 3 of my book "Real Home Income". Or try       
 any of the other opportunities covered.

      Hundreds of companies are ready to help you make money. I'll
 tell you what each one has available now.

      Choose the kind of work you like and write to the companies who
 offer it. Pick any you want. You can work as an independent
 contractor for as many companies as you have time for.

      There are no qualifications to meet, so you will not be turned
 down. I guarantee it. If you don't like one company or you want to
 make more money, there are plenty of others you can try.

                         Get Paid For Assembling Miniatures

      Gina Walker of Texas likes to assemble miniature furniture for
 doll houses. All the necessary materials are supplied by the company
 that pays her. She puts them together and sends them back to the

      Everything is conveniently handled by mail and UPS. The company
 sends her a nice pay check for each batch she completes.

      Gina says: "I really like the work, and the extra money helps
                       pay my bills. I'm glad I found out about these

      You can get paid the same way. And you don't have to make  
 miniatures.  You can choose from many other types of work. You can  
 sew baby bonnets, assemble beaded jewelry, crochet doll clothes, make
 wooden items, assemble stuffed animals, paint figurines, weave rattan
 reed, and many more.

     You get the names and addresses of over 50 companies that will
for things you make or assemble at home. No experience is required,
and it makes no difference where you live.

     Almost all the companies supply the needed materials. Just do the
work and get paid for each batch you send back. Wouldn't you like to
get those pay checks? I'll show you how to get started fast.

              How I Made $800.00 Per Week After Losing My Job

     I became interested in home income opportunities several years
ago when I lost my job. I sent for dozens of money making offers. Most
were totally worthless. Others did not appeal to me.

     But circular mailing caught my interest... and it actually
worked. In just six weeks, I was making over $800.00 a week working
part time at home. It was better than my previous job. I soon paid off
my bills and bought a new car.

     Yet that was only the beginning. As I learned more about it and
tried different things, the money poured in even faster. It made a
huge difference when I applied certain secrets that are used by the
experts. I was amazed at how profitable it could be.

     In "Real Home Income" you'll learn how to use those secrets
yourself. I'll tell you which companies to contact to get started.
I'll show you some simple steps you can take to double your income
without doing any more work.

      If you want, you can do all of this without handling any
orders. Your name and address does not have to appear on anything you
mail. You just mail circulars for companies and receive nice fat
checks from them.

     With my proven methods, you can soon be earning more money than
you ever imagined. Just follow my directions, and you can start
receiving checks from the same companies I do.

                 Receive One Dollar For Each Envelope You Stuff.
          Envelopes Come To You Already Stamped And Addressed.

     This easy work is advertised by over thirty- five companies. But
they require that you pay $25.00 to $45.00 to register in their
program. And then the program seldom turns out to be what you'd

     That's where my book can help out. I describe the three kinds of
mail programs that pay one dollar per envelope. But there is only ONE
that I recommend. Not only is it more profitable overall, but you
don't have to pay any fee to do it. Not even a dollar. Read about "The
World's Best Dollar- Per- Envelope Program" in Chapter 4.

                           How To Avoid Disappointment

     So many worthless offers are commonly advertised that many
people give up before they come across a good one. That won't happen
to you when you have my book.

     It tells you exactly how to recognize and avoid worthless
offers. The most common ripoffs are covered in detail. This knowledge
 can save you a great deal of time and money.

     You can then take advantage of the many practical, down- to-
earth opportunities that are described. Ones that enable you to start
making money fast. Even just one extra source of income can make a big
difference in your standard of living.

                      Start To Earn Money In 48 Hours

     When you get the book, look over the many excellent
opportunities. Each listing includes a brief description of what is
offered. Write to the companies you like and request an application
form. They have openings right now, and they'll be happy to get you

     You can begin to make money even faster if you choose one of the
programs or plans that the book describes in detail. I'll tell you
everything you need to know to get started. By taking a few simple
steps, you can already be making money just 48 hours after you receive
the book.

                    Unlimited No Nonsense Guarantee

    "Real Home Income" costs just $29.95 plus $3.00 for postage and
handling. I'm so confident you can make the money I've talked about
that I back it with a lifetime, money- back guarantee. If at any time
you feel the book has not helped you make all the money you want, just
send it back. I'll promptly send you a full refund of everything you
paid, including postage and tax.

     Start to enjoy more income and a better life as soon as
possible. Please complete the order form and mail it today.
Everything will be rushed to you by first class mail.


     P.S. I've recently discovered an amazingly profitable
            opportunity. One person I talked to made $20,000 in his
            first six weeks... working right at home in his spare
            time. It is not multi- level marketing. I've never seen
            anything like it before. I'l give you a toll free number
            to call so you can get started.

                              Please Print and Mail This Order Form
       (You may also write down all of the information on paper and) 
       ( send  it, but be sure to include the tracking #58092 and that)
       ( you are ordering "Real Home Income")

                             CUT ALONG DOTTED LINE

   SUMMERS PUBLICATIONS                                      # 58092
   1010 Calle Cordillera, P.O. Box 3127                              
   San Clemente, CA 92672                 

             ( ) Yes, I would like to get started. Please rush me     
                 "Real Home Income" under your lifetime money-       
                   back guarantee. Enclosed is $29.95 plus $3.00 for 
                   postage and handling. $32.95 total. (If you live   
                   California,  please send $34.95)  #58092                   



       City, State, Zip_____________________________________     

       Tracking # 58092

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