Kim Crawford ramshorn at
Tue Feb 18 16:37:22 EST 1997

Hi.  I'm looking for two points of information.  First, I'm doing a bit
of research on the incidence of albinism in humans across the face of
the Earth.  I mean, I need information on population genetics of various
places geographically in which albino humans are occuring.  

Secondly, and just as importantly, I'm still sorta new to the net, so I
need to know if I'm posting the above question on albinism, human
genetics, etc, in the correct place...or is there a better place to post
that question (one more specific to the areas of interest).

Thanks so much for any help with this.  I am an instructor at a junior
college and I need this information for a discussion of basic genetics
with my students.  Specifically, an Asian student inquired during our
recent discussion about the incidence of albinism among Asian peoples. 
I am aware of other places, such as the San Blas Islands off the coast
of Panama, where the occurance of albino births among the Cuna people
native to the area is very high.

Any information along the lines of occurance of human albinos (and that
within other species as well, for that matter), will be greatly

--Kim Crawford   (ramshorn at

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