Fingerprints and Identical Twins

Richard A. Lockshin lockshin at
Thu Feb 20 12:51:04 EST 1997

They sometimes have mirrored prints.  Genes determine tendencies to
develop in specific ways, not specific details.  There are no genes
specifying, for instance, a specific hair at a specific location on a
finger.  There are genes whose rates of activity determine the
probability that a hair will develop there.
mehutto at (Michael Hutto) wrote:

>Could someone explain to this non-geneticist why identical twins - who
>share the same DNA and genetic patterns - would have different

>It is my understanding that identical twins will have similar, but not
>identical, fingerprints.  How could this be?  Are fingerprints not
>genetically determined? If they are not, what determines the
>particular pattern?  Environmental influences?

>Please respond via e-mail and thanks in advance!

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