Paul Linehan linehan at
Sun Feb 23 09:56:15 EST 1997

Christopher Ryan <cr005e at> wrote:

> 	I was wondering if anyone out here could tell me of a reaction
> that occurs within the cell that is not controlled, regulated, or
> fascilitated by other proteins or cellular components.  I've been looking
> into the subject for some time now and can't seem to come up with an
> answer.  Even if you could point me to a resource that would be of more
> help than some of the textbooks and journals I've looked through.  Or if
> you think this question would be more appropriate for another news group.
> Thanks for any help in advance.

You could try looking at some of the reactions which contribute to
ageing such as the glycosylation of DNA and protein (cataracts among
other things) which seem to be random chemical events - although
repair is more efficient  at younger ages.

Just a suggestion - let me know if this corresponds to your request.



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