Mushroom Identification

Joan Manuel ar282 at
Mon Feb 24 08:35:27 EST 1997

: >Subject: Mushroom Identification

: >I have recently, actually late summer, taken some photographs of a number of 
: >different kinds of mushrooms in Gunpowder State Park in northern Mayland. I have 
: >no idea what the names are, common or Latin.

: >Can anybody suggest a good reference for the identification of these mushrooms.

: >Thanks much, in advance.

The "Peterson Field Guide" serries has a pretty good book out on
mushrooms, authors Kent H. McKnight and Vera B. McKnight.  Unfortunately,
many mushrooms look quite similar: distinguishing species depends on a
number of observtions perhaps impossible from photographs.  Some tests
have to be done in the lab.  Buy the field guide, and take it with you the
next time you take photos.

You could also enlist the help of the park staff.  I'm not familiar witht 
hat park, but many parks in Canada can provide you with pamphlets listing 
the more common species in the park, and that would help you narrow the 

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