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Mon Feb 24 19:55:57 EST 1997

Christopher Sturgeon wrote:
> Could anyone out there who's written the MCAT please tell me, just what
> type of questions are on it?  What's it like?  What advice do you have
> for preparation for it?  Thanks.

Hi Christopher,

I'd check out a few books at the local/school library.  Also, any major
bookstore should have many books that include sample MCATs.  Retail
bookstore people may or may not be helpful, so you might want to try a
college bookstore.  Don't overlook reference librarians, either at
schools or public libraries; I've found them to be extremely helpful and
a terrific source for a variety of tasks.  

Finally, some of the professional testing centers (eg, Kaplan in the US)
occasionally offer free sample MCAT simulations.  Great way to kill a
day, I hear.

Hope this helps.  Best of luck,
Mike Stillman

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