Measuring oxygen consumption during horse exercisse

JanCzek janczek at
Tue Feb 25 23:50:10 EST 1997

We developed very accurate metabolic computer which in conjunction with
treadmill allows measurements of VO2/VCO2 during horse exercise as well as
O2 consumption of other large animals. 
Horse wears a loose fitted mask through which large amount of air is
supplied. Air flow is adjustable from 0 to 15,000 l/min and  is measured
with precision mass flowmeter.  The horse exhaust gases mixed with fresh
air are measured by precision gas analyzers with 0.001% resolution. System
is fully computerized and results are available in few seconds intervals.
The same system can be used to measure metabolism of cattle in which case
instead of an animal mask, animal is placed in the air tight barn  to
which measured amount of air is supplied.
If you are interested in this equipment please e-mail your street address
and I will send you more information including application notes and
published papers.

Jan Czekajewski
Columbus, Ohio, USA
janczek at

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