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I operate a custom email service. From my experience, your typical
bulk email service just collects email addresses from any source they can rely on shear 
volume emailing to produce the desired results - the "shotgun" approach. I have found that 
by targeting emails to groups that would likely be specifically interested in your product, the 
response rate is much better than when using the "shotgun" approach AND you don't tend 
to annoy as many people (which is nice for both sides). By targeting emails, I mean that I 
collect the addresses myself from on-line areas (forums, newsgroups, etc.) so that I mail to 
people that are likely to be interested in my products based on their on-line participation.

FLOODGATE is the renegade technology that helps me do this.

This is the same software that all bulk emailing services use!

Floodgate Bulk Email Loader for
Windows Version 5.02 now Supports 17 (really more with the free form filter) File Formats


Or...every few days. In fact, when I send out just a few thousand
marketing letters each day, it doesn't take long before I'm completely swamped with email 
inquiries and phone calls. This is very easy to do. And each one of these bulk mailings costs 
me nothing. I can teach you how to do this and provide you with the tools you'll need.

If you've got a good marketing letter, I'll show you how to open the floodgates. You'll be 
deluged with inquiries, leads, and real sales, using nothing but email alone.

Writing a good marketing letter is not easy. I often have to rewrite my marketing letters a half 
dozen times before I get the results I'm looking for. But once you have a good letter, as you 
probably know, you can use the same letter over and over again, predictably and 
consistently, closing sales, week after week, month after month.

It takes me about one hour to send my marketing letter to 20,000 fresh email addresses. I can 
do this, thanks to a Windows program I use. It's called Floodgate. It's a bulk email loader. If 
you're interested in electronic marketing, you should know about this program.


The Floodgate Bulk Email Loader imports simple text files that anyone can download from 
CompuServe, Prodigy, Delphi Genie, or the Internet. These text files contain classified ads, 
forum messages, or data from the member directory. Each of these files is filled with email 

Floodgate is designed to read these files and strip out the email
addresses. It then sorts the addresses, removes any duplicates, and
formats them into an output file, with 10, 20 or 30 addresses per
line. This is all done in one simple step. Just point and click.

You'll need either a Windows based Internet account or an America
On-line account to send out your marketing letters. Neither AOL nor
the Internet charges to send email. Send your letter to 1,000 people or 10,000 people -- the 
cost is always the same. NOTHING!


If you open an Internet account, you can send each letter to 2,000+
people. The new Floodgate now directly writes distribution lists. Some people are always 
collecting new addresses, but if you publish a newsletter or adsheet, you'll be using the same 
addresses over and over again. That's real power! When using addresses you've previously 
collected, you can press a few buttons and prepare a mailing of 50,000+ in less than a half 

(To get a list of all the Internet access providers in your local
calling area goto: http://thelist.com and click on your area code.)

The Floodgate Users Guide will teach you, step by step, how to
download the right files, how to strip the addresses, and finally, how to cut and paste the 
formatted addresses into your marketing letter. Or, if you have an Internet account, how to 
create distribution lists. One you've done this a few times you won't even have to think. It's 
that simple!


As you may know, the practice of sending unsolicited email is usually frowned upon, and 
most service providers have rules against it. But,like jay-walking, there is little enforcement. 
It's not illegal. If someone tells you that it is, ask them to provide the citation (and don't let 
them give you some nonsense about faxes - that's not email). They can't do it because it's 
not there. Sometimes, when a lot of people complain, I get a warning letter. And that's about 

About 1 in 200 will write back and tell me, "take me off the list",
which I can do, thanks to Floodgates Remove List feature. Many people reply back thanking 
me for sending them my informative letter. That's always nice. Most people though, just reply 
and say, "send me more info." In this way, it usually takes me two or three letters to close a 

The Floodgate Users Guide will provide you with proven formats for
writing a successful marketing letter. You'll test and rewrite, test and rewrite. Then, once 
you've got it, just push a few buttons, and open the floodgates!!!


1. CompuServe Classifieds: Send your marketing letter to everyone who is running a 
classified ad. I'll teach you how to download all the classifieds from any single ad category. 
This is one of the most responsive list of buyers. They check their email every day and they're 
already in business.

2. America On-line Classifieds: Download 1,000 addresses in 15
minutes. These are excellent lists for business to business sales.

3. CompuServe Forums: You can join a forum and download hundreds of
forum messages in a matter of minutes.

4. America On-line Forums: Choose from dozens of forums. All good
targeted lists.

5. Prodigy Forums: Prodigy allows you to easily export any group of
forum messages. More targeted lists.

6. Internet Newsgroups: These are all targeted lists. You'll be able to send your marketing 
letter to everyone who posts a message in any newsgroup. Easily collect 1,000's of 
addresses per 	hour.

7. America On-line Member Directory: Most member directories only
allow you to search by city and state. With AOL, you can search by
business type, hobbies, computer type, etc. This is the gem of all
member directories. Build huge targeted lists.

8. CompuServe Member Directory: This is a major resource. If you're
willing to target your mailing to a single city, you can collect about 1,000 email addresses an 

9. Delphi Member Directory: The Delphi member directory allows you to search for people 
based on key words. These are good targeted mailing lists. A single search can easily 
generate 5,000 addresses.

10. Genie Member Directory: Similar to the CompuServe member
directory, only you can download names much quicker. You can easily
pull hundreds of thousands of addresses out of each of these member

11. CompuServe File Cabinet: If you run classified ads, and save the responses in the CIM 
file cabinet, you'll be able to easily reuse these addresses. You can send your marketing letter 
to everyone in any single folder. Build master lists and clean UP your hard drive.

12. Free Form: If you have a text file with email addresses that
floodgate does not support, chances are the Free Form filter will be just what you need. Just 
enter a key word to search for.

13. CompuServe Form Profiles (Forum Membership Directories): Easy to build targeted lists 
here. Each search can easily bring you 500+

14. Genie Profiles: If you're building targeted lists, you'll get a
lot of addresses very quickly from Genie.

15. Plain Addresses: Read Floodgate Master Files back into Floodgate to merge files and do 
selective mailings. Also useful for the management of email address lists that you might 

Floodgate also has filters to allow you to include or exclude any
groups of addresses in your final distribution lists. For example, you could include only email 
addresses that ended in .com or exclude all with .gov. You could exclude all noc, root, and 
other addresses that almost guarantee a negative response. These filters are fully 
configurable and can be used together.


Floodgate maintains Master Files for each of your marketing letters. If you download from the 
same place on a regular basis, you only want to send your letter to the new people. 
Floodgate will compare the new addresses with those in the Master File, and prepare a 
mailing list of only new people. The new addresses are, of course, then added to the Master 
File. With each new mailing your Master File grows and grows.

You may create as many Master Lists as you need. When you start a new marketing 
campaign, you'll want to send your new letter to everyone on your Master List. If you write a 
newsletter, each time you send your newsletter, you'll send it to everyone on a Master List.


Very often, people will reply and tell you to take them off your
mailing list. Place these addresses in the REMOVE.MST file and they
will never receive another letter from you again. In this way, you
will be operating your business with the most professionalism


We have some new competitors that have tried to copy Floodgate. The
following list describes why Floodgate is BETTER.......

**Floodgate is a mature, bug free product. Not an initial release.
**Floodgate comes with over 100 pages of step by step documentation.
**Floodgate is the only one offering a money back guarantee.
**Floodgate has more testimonials. **Filter for filter, Floodgate
offers more capabilities, way more. **Floodgate does everything all
the others *combined* claim. **Floodgate is by far the easiest to use.
**There is NO *cutting and pasting* with Floodgate. **We have by far, the best technical 


Floodgate can pay for itself in a few days. It can also cut your
advertising costs down to almost nothing. Think of what the
competition will do when they get their Floodgate program. Don't be
left in the dust - there are 75 million people out there, just a few keystrokes away. Let's do the 

- Email 50,000 sales letters (takes about 1-2 hours)
- Let's say your product will bring you $5 profit per sale.
- Let's also say you only get a 1% response (occasionally higher).

* That's 500 orders x $5 = $2,500 profit !! Now imagine what 500,000 letters would do for 
your business !!


You can market anything on-line using direct email, that can be
marketed using conventional postal direct mail marketing. The
possibilities are practically endless. If it sells off-line, you can sell it on-line.


The Floodgate Email Loader requires Windows. The docs tell you where to go, what to do, 
and how to do it. All you need are basic computer skills that can be learned with a little 
practice or help from computer savvy friends.

Floodgate has previously sold for as much as $2,499! The complete
package is now available for just $499.95, postpaid. If you order
within 72 hours, it can be your for only $349.95!! (Must be verified on out autoresponder log, 
by received email time stamp, fax time stamp, or voice message time stamp). These orders will 
also receive lifetime technical support and FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING (once your check 
has cleared the bank).

Some say Floodgate is expensive. Compared to direct mail, where you
pay for mailing lists, printing and postage, Floodgate is a bargain. For the cost of one 
traditional mailing, you'll own a Floodgate license and never again pay for lists, printing or 
postage. Those who know direct mail will agree, "Floodgate is the best advertising value on 
the Internet today!"

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Try the Floodgate Bulk Email Loader for 10 days. Do a test 
mailing. If you're not delighted, return the package for a full refund.

All Floodgate users receive unlimited technical and business support for 30 days, (and if you 
don't take up a lot of my time, for a lot longer.) To order the FLOODGATE Bulk Email Loader, 
send your check or money order for $349.95 within 72 hours from receiving this email letter 

Dave Mustachi 
P.O. Box 772261
Coral Springs, FL 33077
(954) 341-2924

You can receive a functional demo version of Floodgate by 
simply faxing us a short note with your email address to 1-954-255-3713.


386 or larger
Windows 3.1+ with at least 4 meg ram or Windows 95 with 8 meg ram
Extra 5 MB hard drive space

Floodgate can be run on a fast Mac with 24 MB RAM and SoftWindows.


"It is everything you said it was. Within one week of my first
mailing, I received a record number of orders. All you need to print money is a decent sales 
letter. Thanks." Randy albertson, Wolverine Capital.

"After using Floodgate and your utility program all day today, let me say these are as two of 
the finest programs I have ever bought in my 52 years! Your support has been superb. Thank 
You!" Vernon Hale, Prime Data Systems

"My first day and I just used Floodgate and Pegasus to send 1,469
sales letters. So far I've got about 25 positive responses. It works GREAT!!! Thanks." Donald 

"Floodgate is awesome!. I recently started a new business on-line. I stripped the addresses of 
the AOL & CIS classifieds. I sent out 3,497 email letters and got over 400 people to join my 
company in 5 days! Needless to say, it pays for itself." David Sheeham, OMPD

"I was able to use Floodgate to extract the names from the Internet
news groups. It works perfectly. Needless to say, I am very excited
about the use of this new technology." Mark Eberra, Inside Connections

"This is a great piece of software and an invaluable marketing tool."
Joe Kuhn, The Millennium Group

"I just thought you'd like to know that this program is fantastic.
After loading it on my system, I wanted to test it out. In my first
hour of using this, I collected 6,092 email addresses!" Richard Kahn, LD Communications

"I just love the Floodgate program. It saves me hours and hours of
time. This is the beginning of a wonderful FUN time marketing on-line. Thank you so much for 
writing this program." Beth O'Neill, Eudora, KS

"Your software is brilliant, and from the technical support I've
received, I can see you have a genuine love and respect of
people...Floodgate is a divine package. Wish I had found it sooner."
Tom Sanders, Peoria, IL

"I really like the way the Floodgate software package works. It is
very easy to use, and really does the trick. It has already saved me an incredible amount of 
time and energy." John Berning, Jr.,
Fairfield, NJ

"It's going great with FLOODGATE! I like using Delphi. I just
collected 50,000+ addresses within 20 minutes on-line." Richard Kahn, R&B Associates


Please print out this order form and then fill in the blanks......

______Yes! I would like to try your cutting-edge software so that I
can advertise my business to thousands of people on-line whenever I
like! I understand that I have 10 days to trial the software. If I am not fully delighted, I will 
cheerfully be refunded the purchase price, no questions asked! Please rush me the 
FLOODGATE package now!

______I am ordering within 72 hours! That qualifies me to receive the FLOODGATE package 
at a substantial discount! I am ordering the
software for only $349.95. (Save $150 off the retail price....Software has sold for as much as 

______I am ordering within 72 hours! That qualifies me to receive free lifetime technical 

______I am ordering within 72 hours and I want FREE overnight shipping!

______I am ordering within 72 hours and I want 25,000 FREE email addresses
to get me started earning money with my marketing letter.

YOUR NAME_________________________________________________________

COMPANY NAME_____________________________________________________

YOUR POSITION______________________________________________________

STREET ADDRESS_____________________________________________________

CITY, STATE, ZIP______________________________________________________

PHONE NUMBERS______________________________________________________

FAX NUMBERS_________________________________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESSES_____________________________________________________

We accept Checks or Money Orders by mail.

I agree to pay WebAware an additional $27 fee if my check is returned for insufficient or 
uncollectable funds.

SIGNATURE: X_________________________________DATE:__________________

Please send all order forms and check or money order to payable to:

Dave Mustachi 
P.O. Box 772261
Coral Springs, FL 33077
(954) 341-2924




(If you fax a check, there is no need for you to send the original
check by mail. We will draft up a new check, with the exact
information from your original check that you faxed to us)

Please fax the above order form and check to: 1-954-255-3713.

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